Flu Season is Here

flu season ahead.jpgWith the weather changing and the workload increasing this is a prim time for people to get sick. We live in very crowded conditions, are in classes with lots of different people, and have meals in a very high area, so the transference of germs is inevitable. Not only do we live in these conditions but also our immune systems are also probably not as strong as they could be. Late nights studying and Ramen for every meal are probably not helping your body stay strong. Luckily for the students here a Washington College, Health Services is open to help us out. They can run tests for Strep and other illnesses as well as prescribe medicine to help you get better. Just call and make an appointment at 410-778-7261 and they will see you as soon as they can, and check out their website  for more information.

If you do not like going to Health Service all the time then here are some tips to staying healthy!

  • Wash your hands! – Wash them after class, before and after meals, and any time you were in a public place. Carry some hand sanitizer with you for ease!
  • Take Vitamins – As college students it’s hard to eat all the necessary things. Get a multi vitamin to help get you the nutrients you are missing.
  • Eat better – Try to eat fruits and vegetables! And make sure to eat a well-rounded meal and not just pizza all the time.
  • Get some sleep – Stop staying up until 3am watching Netflix. Get as much sleep as you can!
  • Sanitize your living space – If you are living with roommates or housemates there are probably a lot of germs. If you sanitize they main areas it will help prevent the spread of germs and keep you healthy.
  • Drink water – Drinking water is always a good idea and can help keep you feeling your best.


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source:http://www.eiu.edu/herc/images/flu%20season%20ahead.jpg


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