Senior Week

Seniors Sierra Montuori, Jada Lee, Hailey Craig, & Brooke Harig enjoy Senior Week at the Career Center 

Aloha! This week the Center for Career Development is hosting its first Hawaiian themed  Senior Week to get people ready for graduation. Lisa Moody, the Interim Director  of the Career Center and Vicky Sawyer, Associate Director of the Career Center will host groups of seniors all week. The sessions consist of a very informative and helpful presentation about making plans for after graduation. No matter what your plans are post grad, whether it be grad school or a gap year, it is important to start planning early. Many deadlines for grad school are fast approaching and so are deadlines for internship opportunities for next summer.

Moody and Sawyer also inform students of workshops the Career Center is holding, such as resume workshops and career fair, both of which are coming up this month. Senior Week is a great way to get you to start thinking about your next chapter in life. Making plans earlier rather than later will help relieve stress when May arrives. All of this may sound like at lot of work especially with a thesis to write, but working a little bit on your future when you can will have a beneficial outcome.

If you have not signed for a senior week session make sure you do so soon. Even if you do not think you need the information there are a lot of fun goodies being handed out as well!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo by Vicky Sawyer

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