Is it too Early for Fall Things?

1-cd8ba5df1f.jpgThe weather may be warming back up but we have already gotten a taste of fall with last weekend’s cooler weather. Some of you may question if it is too early for all the wonderful things fall brings. Technically it is still summer for another 2 weeks and the temperatures are in the 90’s so thinking about fall may seem absurd. However, with classes starting it certainly feels like it’s time for fall! Places like Dunkin Donuts and Acme have already brought out their fall favorites. PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes) and salted caramel lattes made their way into Dunkin stores before September 1st! Now that is an organization that’s ready for fall. So if everyone else is ready then I say that it is not to early for fall things! Grab your flannels and your boots because fall is basically here! If you want a PSL go to Dunkin Donuts and pick one up, they even have iced versions incase the weather is extremely hot. Or go pick up a pumpkin scented candle to make your room smell like Halloween!

If you are not ready for fall then do not worry. There are still some very warm summer days left. Enjoy them while you can because you never know, with this wacky Maryland weather, if we will get them back or if it will be freezing until spring. No matter what season you want it to be, summer, fall, winter, or spring, Maryland has it all. Just be patient and your favorite season is sure to arrive.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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