Senior Dos and Don’ts


  • Work on your thesis when you have time. Do not save it all for the last minute.
  • Time management, time management, time management!
  • Attend an SEB event that you haven’t be to yet. You could have a lot of fun!
  • Talk to your professors and advisors about post-grad plans. They may be able to give you some help.
  • Take a class that you normally wouldn’t think of taking.
  • Go to the job fair! Network and get some FREE professional headshots done.
  • If you are 21, attend The Fish Whistle’s happy hour for some FREE nachos with your friends.
  • Reach out to your freshmen peer mentor group and have lunch together like you used to when you were scared freshmen.



  • Don’t procrastinate your thesis. Work to meet all your deadlines!
  • Don’t skip classes. Even if senioritis is setting in you still need to go to class.
  • Don’t be mean to the freshmen. You were there once not too long ago.
  • Don’t let your work make you miss out on fun times. Manage your time so you don’t miss the fun.
  • Don’t let the thought of graduating get you down, there is still plenty of time left at WAC.
  • Don’t forget to appreciate you professors and advisors for all of the help they have given you.
  • Don’t forget all the wonderful memories and friends WAC has brought into your life.


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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