No Gym? No Problem!

Parks provide lots of workout options

With the semester coming to an end, access to the Johnson Fitness Center diminishes (unless you are staying to work on campus this summer). This presents many students with the dilemma of purchasing a short-term gym membership at home, or using the resources they have without a fitness center. Good news is that there are plenty of ways to stay in shape without a gym!

Visit a park/school:

Parks tend to have jungle gyms where you can do pullups and other bodyweight exercises on the equipment. You can get creative with it. You can also find a school with a track and a field to do cardio. If you visit a high school, they may have stairs where you can perform cardio and much more. Parks and schools are great resources to use to get a full workout in.


There are endless workouts you can do at home! With the endless workouts videos such as P90x, these guided workout videos can keep you motivated and will giving a great workout. Performing body weight movements are just as beneficial as doing exercises at a gym. In fact, some are harder!

Take a walk/run:

Explore the neighborhood! Take a jog or a walk around town. Maybe explore some new part of your town you have not visited. You can always look up jogging paths around your area if you want. Grab a friend or a family member to provide some extra motivation!

Overall, there are plenty of workouts you can do. Whether at home, at a park or school, or anywhere else, you can get a full workout in without a gym. Have fun, be creative, and enjoy the warm weather!

Andrew Chirico

Elm Sports Network

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