It’s Bubble Soccer Time!

bubble-soccer2.jpgLooking for something fun to do tomorrow night? How about something competitive? If so then you are in luck! Tomorrow night the Student Events Board will be hosting Bubble Soccer! From 8PM to 10PM you can run around in a giant bubble while playing soccer. This event will be on Kibler Field so bring your friends to come have a great time. You can even come and watch if you do not want to play.

Not good at soccer? That does not matter at all, the fun thing about the game it hitting and knocking each other over. This is a great event to take a break from all the work you have and distress with some good old-fashioned horseplay. Run around with your fellow classmates and friends but do not get mad when some one hits you!

Refreshments and orange slices will be provided by the SEB so get ready to play hard. If you do not know what to expect here is a video of the fun!

Make sure to stop by tomorrow night and play some Bubble Soccer!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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