Inside the Call

GoosenationtvThere’s a lot more to play-by-play broadcasting than it may seem like. No matter the sport, broadcasters need to spend quality time preparing for the game beforehand for a successful broadcast. For me, I like to start my game notes two to three days before hand, depending on when both teams are playing their past games before the game I am calling. Waiting to do research on statistics allows for more present stats to talk about!

After getting all the statistics laid out, I usually check out the team leaders in each category. Doing this allows for me to inform the audience that a certain player has a good chance in making a big impact on the game. Besides the stats, looking for season trends is important, such as the opposing team’s away record. How do they play on the road? All of these aspects get looked at before the game, as well as pronunciation for names.

When it is game day, it is finally time to have all the before hand work pay off! I get to the press box usually an hour (sometimes more, depending on the day) before the game. This gives myself time to setup my notes along with tabs on the computer.

Hopefully this gives everyone a little better idea on what goes on behind a broadcast. If you do not know, all home athletic events get streamed on! This spring you can listen to baseball and softball and watch or listen to both lacrosse teams.

Andrew Chirico

Elm Sport’s Network

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