How to Fill Out a Work Order

star-clean-and-maintenance-1It is that time of year when things can begin to become rundown in your dorm room or suite. After a year of use your appliances, air condition units, and even plumbing can start to perform improperly. It may be something as simple as truing something off and on again or it may be something more difficult to fix. Luckily, for those on campus Building and Grounds can take care of any problems you have. They are usually pretty fast to respond to a maintenance request and are very friendly!

When I lived in a Harford suite last year we had a few problems that Buildings and Grounds fixed. All we had to do was put in a work order and then they took care of the rest and would let us know any important information about the problem.

If you do not know how to put in a work order you may end up just dealing with the broken appliance, which is not enjoyable. All you have to do is go to the school’s web page and look under ‘Campus Services’ for the ‘Maintenance Request’ link. Then you just fill out the form that will ask you for your information, where you live, and what the problem is. It is important to be as detailed as possible about the problem so Buildings and Grounds can be prepared for the job.

Hopefully this will encourage you to fill out a work order and get your problem fixed as soon as it occurs. The end of the semester is fast approaching and you do not what there to be anything working defectively when you move out. So take a few minutes and fill out a form!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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