Walk for Domestic Violence Awareness

walk a mile6.byAnastasiaLaurenzoToday was Alpha Chi Omega’s annual Walk-a-Mile in her Shoes event. Every spring the sisters of AXO host this walk to raise awareness about domestic violence. Men from around campus put on red heels and walk a mile as a way to show their support and learn more about the harm of domestic violence. They walk to Fountain Park and back to complete their mile while the sisters coach them in proper heel walking techniques. They walk right down Washington Ave. and strut their stuff while supporting a great cause. After the walk, those who attend will enjoy pizza and talk more about rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. This is a difficult issue to talk about but this event helps to cover these important issues. After the event both the men and the women who partook will have a better understanding of domestic violence and how it affects so many women.

Great job to those who participated and showed their support for the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega and also walked for a cause against domestic violence.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo by Anastasia Laurenzo

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