What did you do on Advising Day?

I spent the day doing class work and research for my thesis

I hope everyone had a great Advising Day! For many I am sure it was used for a much-needed break from classes, while for others it was a day for work. Even though it was a bit chilly today the green was jumping with advising day activities, including everyone’s favorite, free Rita’s. While every one was having a blast I could see them from my cubical window in the library. It is that time of year when the amount of work you need to do feels like it will never end.

All the amounting work can be tough and it can be hard to catch a break. The important thing to do is manage your time and then you can still have time for a social life! It just takes some focused time in the library for you to get a lot of work done. Although we rather watch Netflix and play, it is crucial to have a good balance. Putting off your work can cause unwanted stress.

It is crazy how this semester is flying by, before you know it it will be summer and another school year will be under our belt. Enjoy the remaining time there is and study hard!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo by Brooke Harig


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