Let’s Talk About Depression

85Do you know what it is to feel lonely? To just randomly cry when you actually do not have to and want to, but end up breaking down. That irritable feeling when you just feel so exhausted that getting indulged back with your life is difficult. That situation where you love solitude more than yourself.
It’s depression. One does not need a reason to be depressed. It is an illness where your mind is inactive and lost its energy. It is a deeper concept where one’s emotions, behavior, and thinking get effected and is completely different from sadness. Sadness is an emotion like happiness which remits and is short-lived.
There is a need for people to know about depression and not judge people over this concept. Do not assume someone to be an attention seeker just because he/she cries or may act weird or even when he/she breaks his/her silence anonymously. Do not assume them to be mad. Do not assume that they’re fine.
Can you imagine how terrible one can feel to mask themselves with a bright smile but deep inside be shattered more and more. It is not the same when you mask yourself when you’re sad and when you’re depressed. The levels of stress are extremely high when you’re facing depression. It is dire.
Close ones should understand this and recognize this because counselling makes a huge impact on those suffering from depression. If required medication can be provided.
It is not abnormal to get depressed, it is just not one random person who is facing depression but many. Women tend to face depression more because of both biological and social factors. What is sad is that depression lies as the main reason behind most of the suicides in the world. It is time that we make ourselves aware of what depression is and how we should tackle it. It is not just about suicide, but about the alarming increase of stress levels that every individual can face and how harmful it can be. It is about realizing what depression exactly is and considering it as a disease and not merely a state of mind.
“You’ve not lost your mind” if you’re facing depression. You’re not mad and it is okay and absolutely fine to talk about it. In fact, it is brave of you to tackle it by talking about it with your close ones and eliminating it from your life.
‪#‎DepressionIsNotSadness ‪#‎TalkAboutIt ‪#‎LetsTalkAboutDepression #‎LetsChange

Girija Ganeshan

Staff  Writer

Photo Source: http://www.usnews.com/dims4/USNEWS/a9f22a3/2147483647/thumbnail/652×434%3E/quality/85/?url=%2Fcmsmedia%2F0f%2F24%2F7dea112b4ef7b577785188f873ab%2F150102-anxietybreakdown-stock.jpg


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