The Festival of Holi

images.jpegHoli is an Indian festival which is also called the festival of colors. It is celebrated on the Phalguni Purnima, which is the last day of the year with respect to the lunar month Purnimanta. And the next day is called Vasantha-ritu which marks the beginning of the spring. This festival is an age-old tradition that started centuries ago, even long before Christ. Holi has several rituals and historic stories that makes it significant, but the importance actually stresses on the triumph of good winning over evil. Rituals like that of the Holika bonfire takes place the night before we celebrate with colors. The ashes left behind from the bonfire are considered holy and are said to purify one’s body and soul.

The next day, people drown crazy with colors and colored water. It is the perfect time to explore the kid in you and get yourself drenched. There is happiness and joy spread all over. People play Holi generally with sips of Thandaai (refreshing drink, which is made of milk and spices. It is usually sweet and is served chill) or Bhaang (drink made with marijuana, milk, spices and other exotic spices). Other delicacies like Phirni, Gujjiya, Puran Polees, Malpua, Dahi Badas and the list goes on.

Goose Nation, guess what? We have Holi on campus.

The Global Education Office has arranged the following as part of the International Education Week:

Friday the 25th at 9:00 PM by the bonfire pit; Holi Bonfire/ The Burning of Holika

At this event we will have a traditional bonfire to celebrate Holi. We will celebrate the conquering of evil by burning the pyre with an effigy on top to signify Holika who tricked Prahalad into the fire. We will also have music playing.

Saturday the 26th at 1:00 PM on the Campus Green; Holi Color Festival

At this event we will have music playing on the Campus Green and an area roped off for the throwing of color. We will have buckets of colored powder and water balloons that will be thrown in celebration.

Here is a Hindi term for you to say, while you throw colors on your friends:

“ Buraa naa maano, Holi hai”.

Happy Holi guys!

Girija Ganeshan

Staff Writer

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