South By Southwest

This spring break, I went to Austin, Texas with my boyfriend to attend South By Southwest. SXSW is a music festival for up and coming artists as well as popular musicians. Pretty much anyone involved in the music world was in Austin. We arrived in Austin on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday. Every day was a whirlwind of music and food (mostly tacos).

The best part about SXSW is discovering new music of all different genres. On the first night, we saw Louis the Child, an electronic music duo. I had heard of them before but fell completely in love with them after seeing them live. On Thursday, we discovered an indie pop band called Mobley. Their energy on stage was incredible and they incorporated the audience in a few songs. On Saturday night we first found a folk singer named Shawnee Kilgore whose voice was enchanting. Then we heard an alt-americana band called Those Poor Serfs. Not only did they play great music but the lead singer also looked just like Ryan Gosling, which was definitely a bonus. We also ended up going to see 2 Chainz!

The best part of the week was that everything we attended was free. Some people pay thousands of dollars to see the big names but going for free is best to discover new music. There was so much free food; I ate 10 tacos in 5 days. There were also reps for companies handing out tons of free samples. Overall, SXSW was the best ways to spend my spring break and so much fun!

Sierra Montouri

Staff Writer

Photos By: Sierra Montouri

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