Things to do Before you Take your Flight

travel-tipsSpring break is almost here and most of us have planned to travel. You cannot do more justice with your break. This is it, enjoy the best to deteriorate your stress. But do not forget certain things before you catch your flight. Here are few things you should know before you travel:

  • Keep calm and get everything together a day before you leave. Do not panic; just be organized beforehand to get things right and be on time.
  • Double check your requirements and keep a list of all the things you have packed up for the trip.
  • Limit the liquids in your baggage.
  • Keep a first aid kit.
  • Keep your important documents in your hand luggage along with the valuables that you are carrying.
  • Ladies, keep a check on your cosmetics, in fact avoiding most of them is probably the best way to handle it all. And make sure manicure tools and sharp tools are part of your main luggage and not your hand baggage.
  • Inform your close ones about your travel plans. This is a must; you can inform anyone you want to.
  • Keep a copy of important documents in every baggage you have.
  • Add a set of clothes to the baggage that do not have clothing. Avoid stuffing in a lot of shoes.
  • Take your chargers and adapters. They make our lives easier.

Make sure, you follow these tips. They help a lot. Enjoy your tour and break guys. Avoir une bonne experience!

Girija Ganeshan

Staff Writer

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