Prominent Female Alumni

March is Women’s History month! So to celebrate the accomplishments of women, here is a list of some famous Washington College alum!

  • Mary L. (May) Matthews Jones- She graduated in 1895 and was the first women to graduate from Washington College!
  • Mary C. Burchinal- Graduated in 1896 and was the first women to serve on the Washington College Board of Visitors and Governors.
  • Rebecca Neal Brown Owens – Graduated in 1925 and was the first female president of the Washington College Alumni Council. She would drive her horse and buggy to high school in Chestertown and in college she played on the intermural basketball team.
  • Jean Harshaw Lesko – Graduated in 1937 and loved to play sports. She played two years of varsity tennis and became the first female to hold a position on a normally all male team. She also served as the Sports Editor for the Elm!
  • Betty Brown Casey- After graduating in 1947 she joined the Board or Visitors and Governs. She is apart of many organizations had has giving many gifts to Washington College. In 1984 she donated 5 million dollars to help fund the swim center, the Casey Academic Center, The Cater Walk and Martha Washington Square, and the Rose O’Neill Literary House.
  • Christine Lincoln – She graduated in 2000 and was winner of the Sophie Kerr prize. She overcame many obstacles to become top of her class and after graduation she published her first book. She is a perfect model of Washington College writing and traditions.

Hopefully you have learned a bit more about some of WC’s famous alumni. If you would like to know more check out The Revolutionary College Project

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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