Important Safety Tips

edl-22crime-t_CA0-articleLarge.jpgIt is always a good idea to be reminded and aware of some of Public Safety’s best advice for staying safe. The weather is getting warmer and that means more activity outside on and around campus. To make sure you have not become lethargic when it comes to safety check out these simple strategies to keep yourself and others safe!

  • First of all you should know the number for public safety. It is 410-778-7810. You can call them to walk you home after dark so you will not be alone. You can also call them to help with car trouble.
  • When you are out on the weekends make sure to go out with a group and do not leave anyone behind. Also, know where everyone is and where then end up for the night.
  • Be alert if you are walking alone at night. Do not be distracted by your phone and stay aware of what is around you.
  • Make sure to have you key with you and lock dorm room, especially at night. This will help protect your personal belonging as well as yourself.
  • Do not lend you key or ID card to anyone and make sure to report any lost keys as soon as possible.
  • Report any suspicious activity to you RA or to public safety. Even if you are not sure if it is actually something to worry about, it is better to be safe then sorry!

Just remember these few important safety tips to make sure the rest of your semester goes smoothly. For more information check out the Public Safety page on the WC website.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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