Ready, Set, Dodgeball!

Jada Lee’17 and Carly Mills’16 show off their dodgeball shirts at last year’s event

Get ready to dodge, dash, and dive! Alpha Omicron Pi’s annual dodgeball tournament is coming up this Sunday. From 3-5 you can bring your friends to the Johnson Fitness Center and get in on the action. Playing dodgeball is a great way to take a break from your homework on Sunday. This event also helps with AOII’s philanthropy, the Arthritis Foundation. All of the proceeds from the tournament will go to the cause.

Students who have pre-registered are gearing up to play and support AOII. Jordan Weir’18 is excited to have a women’s basketball dodgeball team for Sunday. She said, “0 in the conference, number 1 in dodgeball.” Her team is ready to dominate on the dodgeball court. Their fast footwork just might make them tough competitors. So far, 10 teams have signed up to play. The seniors of AOII have also made a team and feel ready to take on anyone who tries to challenge them. From fraternities to sports teams and clubs, students are preparing to compete. The winners of the tournament will receive a $50 gift card to Sado. What better way to celebrate your win than with sushi?

If you are interested in playing, gather your friends and get a team together. Teams are 5 people and it is $10 for each person to play. As Hannah Sive ’17, a sister of AOII, said, “You will be missing out on your Washington College experience if you don’t come out to dodgeball.” Come on out to the JFC this weekend and get your dodgeball on!

Sierra Montouri

Staff Writer

Photo by Jada Lee


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