Useful Writing Resources

owllogosplashBeing able to write well is a large part of one’s college career. As students we spend a lot of time mastering different writing formats for the many different classes we take. This all leads up to the largest writing and research assignment of our time here at Washington College, our senior thesis. There are many resources on the Internet and right here on campus, which can help with any writing assignment. Becoming familiar with the resources may help with acing your next paper. Whether you are using APA, MLA, or Chicago style, there are many sites to help you do your best.

My favorite site I check out when writing any type of research paper is Purdue OWL. This site has great examples for citing sources in each format. It helps with different types of in-text citations as well the proper way to cite all of your sources. Purdue OWL is quick and easy to use and is great for checking your work.

If you are having trouble making your citations the correct way then you should try using Citation Machine. You simply plug in the information you can find, pick which format you want, and then the website puts it all together for you. This is a simple way to make sure your citations are correct.

When researching for you paper check out the school’s online resources. If you go to the Millar Library page on WC’s website you will find many credible search engines. Using these search engines will allow you to find peer reviewed information that your professors want you to use. This will help make your papers stronger and these search engines will give you more information.

By playing around with these different resources you will become a much better writer. The more familiar you are with them, the more time you will save. If you were not already using these resources, hopefully they will help you with future writing assignments.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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