Bloutfit vs. Groutfit

WgYcXWI-In the world of fashion, the monochrome trend seems to be on the rise lately. Monochrome is wearing all of the same color. This is a very popular thing to do with shoes, for example where the design is all one color from the sole to the laces. Now, it is becoming popular to monochrome your entire outfit from head to toe. An easy way to get in on this trend is to find things you already have in your closet and go for it. There are two easy colors that you can start with: black and grey. Monochrome can look great but sometimes it may not be the way to go.

The Bloutfit

The Bloutfit is a simple and flattering way to look trendy. This outfit involves wearing all black. Almost everyone has a black shirt and black pants in his or her closet, so why not wear them together? Wearing all black is very slimming and flattering for every body type. It also makes you look very sleek, like you could be an FBI agent.

The Groutfit

Let me start off by saying this is not exactly a trendy outfit. I believe the Groutfit originated from someone wearing all of their sweat pants at once, and then looking in a mirror and saying, “I am literally 50 shades of grey.” The Groutfit may not be the best thing to wear down a runway but it is fun to play with at home. You can try to find as many different gray items of clothing you have and wear them all at once. The Groutfit definitely wins in the comfort category.

You do not have to be a total fashionista to be trendy. Be brave and test out the waters of monochrome or any other trend. Maybe even test out the Groutfit, I am sure you will look great!

Sierra Montouri

Staff Writer

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