Confused About Spring break?

tumblr_lm9491K8sQ1qg2xooo1_500.pngWake up Goose Nation!!! It is high tide and we are piled under assignments and tests, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the Spring break. Umm, confused about your plans and do not know where to start? Here are few ideas to work with.

Are you the “I need to travel and explore ASAP” type? Do not forget to get extra offers with your student ID’s if available.

  • Go international? – Most of us are already tired of the cold weather, so checking out for a warm place can be your best choice. Mexico, Bahamas, Paris, London and Aruba.
  • Maybe domestic this time? – These can be the hot spots to rush to and where you can feel like you are a world away. New York, Miami, San Diego, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.
  • Not comfortable with both of these? – Plan a road trip. Keep it within your interests and make it have a theme, which will definitely add flavor to your trip.

Are you the ”Woopps, I need to save some cash” type?

  • Map down your additional expenses, and motivate yourself to cut down those unnecessary expenses. Get a piggy bank and you can even work more hours on campus!

Are you the “Let’s keep it calm and do something good” type?

  • Check out your emails frequently, you might be popping with some really cool internships or events to volunteer. You cannot get a better chance than this, to both relax and do some good.
  • Do you kind of get stressed about being stressed? Get a massage that is cheap and soothing. Take adequate rest, change your meal plans, go exercise, and enjoy some free time. That’ll definitely be good for you.

Or are you the “Need to focus on my academics” type?

  • Prepare your plans ahead of time and stick to them. Manage your homework, final papers, and assignments accordingly. Tell your friends and family about the your work and you never know, they may give you some aid.
  • Are you a junior or senior and still not aware about graduate schools? Break is the peak time to do figure it out. Do some online research, or go to the Career Development Centre on campus and ask about it. And do not forget to research about the admission tests.

Moreover, stick to one plan and do not think about doing them all this Spring break. It is just a week to keep you stress free, so choose the wisest decision to make it your best break. Do not choose solitude and exclude social life, because there is always a need to belong and nothing can be better than planning it with your friends or group. So, keep the mood going on and enjoy this coming break. Avoir une bonne experience!

Girija Ganeshan

Staff Writer

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