How to Have a Successful Interview

get-the-jobAs we get older one thing is inevitable, and that is interviews. Applying for internships, jobs, scholarships, grad school, and many other things require having an interview. If you have never had an interview or are interviewing for something big, than it can be a very intimidating event. Having the necessary qualifications for something carries a lot of importance, but the interview is also carries a lot of weight. If you expecting any important interviews and need a few helping tips then I have you covered.

Dress appropriately. It is important to look professional, as it helps make a great impression. Dressing well also shows that you care about the interview. Men can never go wrong with a jacket and tie, just make sure to avoid bright colors and patterns and stick with the basics. For the women it may be a good idea to invest in a pant suite. This outfit choice is very professional and will make you look very put together, you can even soften up the look with a colored or patterned blouse under your blazer.

Come prepared. Bring a portfolio with you and have copies of your resume and paper for note taking. This will make you look very organized and show that you really care. Practice sample interview questions so you have some ideas for answers when you are in your interview. Write down the question that the interviewer asks so you will not forget it while thinking of a good answer. Most importantly, take your time when answering, if you have to pause for a moment to think that is perfectly fine.

Following these tips will help you to have a successful interview and feel confident!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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