Birthday Ball Is Finally Here!

5182_25Birthday Ball is among us and the weekend has finally arrived. Hopefully everyone has their outfits picked out and is ready for a great time. The alumni have begun to appear and cannot wait to be reunited with everyone. This weekend is a time for fun and happiness while we celebrate George’s birthday with the greatest of parties. The JFC is being transformed into a magical paradise and will soon be unrecognizable. The feeling of arriving to the Ball and walking though the doors is one you hopefully will remember. Your friends and professors will all be in attendance waiting to dance the night away with you. No matter your party habits, Birthday Ball is always one for the record books and will not disappoint. Getting dressed up is always a great highlight of this weekend, it is fun to put on your best dress and tie and impress those around you. The weather this year is looking good and will be a great treat from last years snow. With a live band and DJ the dance floor will be bumping so you can show off your best dance moves. So get ready to enjoy all the fun to be had this weekend.

Remember to have fun but also stay safe. Public Safety is here to help you and wants everyone to as safe as possible. Make sure to be with your friends and ask for help if you need it. The shuttled will be running to help transport people around campus so utilize it.

Have a great Birthday Ball!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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