Are You Ready For Birthday Ball?

59004_eventbriteBirthday Ball is just around the corner! It seems as though it was just yesterday when we were moving back into our dorms. Now, here we are in February getting ready to dance the night away in honor of George Washington. Birthday Ball is a very popular event on campus because it is so much fun. Students, professors, and alumni all get dressed up and come together for an exciting celebration.

Everyone has their favorite parts of Birthday Ball that they look forward to. I asked a few students around campus what they are most excited about. Breanna Caruso ’18 said, “I’m excited to see all the alumni and catch up. Most of the alumni coming back are people who really helped me get through my freshman year.” A large amount of alumni always come back to their alma mater to relive their college days and visit their friends. Erin Gutkind ’16 said, “I’m happy to finally be able to go into the 21 year old section. I’m also looking forward to enjoying the nice weather because last year was awful.” Hailey Craig ’17 said, “I’m looking forward to the decorations for the theme. I like Narnia, I watch it every year for Christmas with my brother.”

All students have their favorite aspects of Birthday Ball. From the theme, to the dancing, to the breakfast food at midnight, this weekend is going to be one to remember. Get your outfits ready and get ready to celebrate our good old friend George!

Sierra Montouri

Staff Writer

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