The Perfect Playlists For Your Mood

spotify-logo-horizontal-blackMusic is a great part of life. It can help you focus, take you to another place, help you calm down, or pump you up. Having the perfect playlist can put you in the right mood to accomplish whatever you want. Spotify is a great host of premade playlists so that you never have to worry about making on your own. You can also use it for free with minimal ads. Here are some of my favorite playlists on Spotify for various occasions!

Party: “TGIF” -This playlist has all the good music to get the party started on Friday night. It is also a great one to play while driving in the car.

Workout: “Power Workout”- For me, I prefer to listen to hip-hop when I workout because it pumps me up. This playlist has artists like J. Cole, Kanye, Future, and my favorite of course, DJ Khaled.

Study: “Acoustic Winter” -This is a great soothing playlist for working on homework. I do not like to study to music I can sing to because I will get too distracted. This is a great one to help me stay focused and on task.

Chill: “Pop Chillout”- This one is the best music for just hanging out. The genres vary around what is popular right now and the playlist updates weekly so you can stay on top of your chill music.

Sleep: “Nightstorms”- There is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of rain and thunder. This playlist gives you hours of dreamy rain to help you relax at the end of a long day.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

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