Stay Healthy This Winter

winter-health_mainWinter is simply not just about the cold weather, but also about embracing your well-being. Facing the climatic fluctuations in these recent days has been hard. What is important to know is that these fluctuations can bother your health. Extreme care should be taken when there are changes in the climate because our immunity system can get affected. However, what is more important is how one can avoid infections and diseases. Here are some tips to stay healthy!

  • Include an adequate amount of green vegetables and fruits into your diet. These are filled with anti-oxidants that fight sickness and provide vitamins to aid your immune system. Do not forget those dry fruits too.
  • Exercise folks. Not interested in going to the gym? There are many fitness activities on campus to activate your body. Zumba, yoga, insanity, and piyo are some fitness classes, which are free to WC students and staff. Make sure you do not add on those extra pounds. Do not turn lazy just because the temperature drops a few degrees.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Staying properly hydrated is just as important during cold weather as it is during hot weather. Drink water even if you do not feel very thirsty, as dehydration may be more difficult to notice during cold weather exertion.

In addition, active minds are as equally important. If winter is chilling out the motivation in you, burn it out with a new challenging goal. It can be anything from getting full credit on your assignments, to losing 10 pounds. No matter what, choose a goal and try achieving it a little bit at a time, which is the smartest way to start. What matters most is to push yourself from your current comfort zone.

Girija Ganeshan

Staff Writer

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