Intern Life

0_A_gotInterns2In today’s society, it seems as though everyone is talking about internships. Undergraduate schools, grad schools, and jobs are recommending that students should gain some sort of internship experience. As a student, the opportunities may seem endless but also inconclusive. Navigating the internship world can be confusing and frightening if you are unsure of what you are interested in. However, that is the whole point of interning! Sometimes it is a good idea just to try out a job that might sound interesting and go from there. All internships are very different and interns take on many different types of roles. Here are a few examples of interns at Washington College.

As a psychology major, it is highly recommended that we complete a credit-bearing internship before graduation. I currently intern at Kent County Behavioral Health and I shadow a psychologist for a few hours once a week. I have typical intern tasks such as typing up notes, revising documents, sitting in on meetings, and shadowing counseling sessions. So far, I really love my internship because I have direct hands-on experience with the profession that I am considering.

Hailey Craig ’17 is a political science major. She interns for delegate Kathy Afzali at the Maryland General Assembly. On a typical day, she goes to session, files papers, makes copies, organizes bills for delegation meetings, gets bills signed, and gets free lunches at the receptions. Hailey really enjoys seeing how legislation is passed at the state level and seeing bills get passed that affect her home district.

As you can see, interns can have a wide range of tasks. The most important part of an internship is that you are learning something, even if it is that you don’t want to go into that field!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

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