Are You Ready For Super Bowl Sunday?

YJWLO12IThis weekend is Super Bowl Sunday and the Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos. If you enjoy watching the Super Bowl then you probably also enjoy watching it with friends. Getting together to cheer on your favorite team while having a fun time is, in my opinion, the best part about this Sunday. And if you are going to have a proper party you need to have food!

The Goose Nest will be having a party to watch the big game with your friends and fellow classmates. The event starts at 5pm and there will be plenty of food for everyone. If you want to have your own party in your suite or common room all you need to do is get some great food and you are set. Ordering pizza is a great go to option. It is fast and easy and you have many options. Try Dominos or Pizza Hut and load up on delicious pizza and some great appetizers! If you do not want so much food go to Walgreens or Acme and pick up some chips and dip. This combination never fails and makes for an easy snack idea. If you are feeling up to the challenge and want to impress all of your friends try making something. From pizza dip to nachos you can make your party a hit. Just go online and look up some Super Bowl snack ideas and you will not be disappointed!

The Super Bowl is only two days away so you better get planning if you want to have a great party!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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