The Best Things About Spring Semester

Last year’s Birthday Ball featured some fun seating

Spring semester is full of so many fun things! Even though the weather can be rough we all now that spring is right around the corner and there are so many things to look forward to. Many alumni usually come back for these fun times and help us all celebrate along with our professors and other staff members. Get ready to have some fun this semester and do not miss these upcoming events.

Birthday is the first big event for the spring semester. Everyone from alumni to professors put on their dresses and ties to commemorate this iconic event. If this is your first birthday ball then you are in for a major treat. There are only 15 days left until the big night so get ready to have a blast!

Before you know it, it will time for spring break! If you are going some place tropical or are just going to hang out at home it will be a great time. This is the last big break we get before the end of the semester so make sure to enjoy it. No matter what you plan to do just make sure you have a good time!

Even though War on the Shore is not hosted at WAC this year we can still support our lacrosse team! If you can attend there are normally shuttle busses that take students to Salisbury. This game is the biggest of the season and everyone loves to cheer on the team.

The final big event of the semester and the entire academic year is May Day. For those who do not know what this tradition is, students gather around the flagpole on the green then disrobe and run a “naked mile” around toll. Whether or not you participate it is a great tradition that marks the end of a great year at WAC.

Hopefully this little sneak peak of upcoming events has you excited for the rest of the semester. It has just started but it is fun to look at all the exciting times to come!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source

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