Welcome Back!

welcome-back-now-get-back-to-work-1I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable break! After being gone for what felt like an eternity I think I can speak for most that we are glad to be back in Chestertown. Even though there was bit of difficulty getting people back to campus and getting classes started, due to the large amount of snow, everything is now running smoothly! Whether you worked over break, went on vacation, just hung out, or enjoyed a combination of all three, getting back in a the WAC routine has to feel great. The best thing about coming back from winter break is the excitement of new classes. For the freshmen who now have their first semester of college over with, they can enjoy the excitement of classes without having to worry about the intimidating feeling of first going to college. As for upper classmen, it is exciting to be challenged with new classes and new professors as well! You get to hang out with your friends again and no longer have to be bored at home. Not to mention you do not have to follow the rules of your parents if you stayed with them over break. It is time to be on your own again and enjoy the spring semester. Upper classmen will now be busy planning for their theses and attempt to plan out their lives while seniors scramble to finish their theses and are still attempting to plan out their lives. So hopefully no matter what your plans are for this semester you are excited. There are many fun times to be had so enjoy the second week of classes!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/welcome-back-now-get-back-to-work-1.png

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