How to Survive Winter Break

lie_down_try_not_to_cry_cry_a_lot_cleaned_5251Winter break is just around the corner; this break is rather long and last for six whole weeks! If you have not experienced a winter break at college yet then you do not know what you are in for. Everything is fine and dandy up until after Christmas. You get to be with family and friends, and enjoy the holidays in the comfort of your home. If you work while you are home for break you get to make some extra cash but you constantly think about being back at school because work sucks. Once January comes all you can think about is being back on campus. You miss your friends, you miss constantly having people to hang out with, and you even miss going to the library to study. The freedom you have here at school will not be the same at home. Many parents will have rules that you are not used too, which will make home seem dreadful. Now do not get me wrong, being home and spending time with family and friends is great and break is a great time to relax and regain your lost energy from finals week, but one can only take so much. Many of you think break will be great and that you will have so much fun, well you are wrong. Break will slowly crush your soul and all you will able to think about is January 25th when well all are back on campus.

So here are some ways to make break seem less like a pit of despair. The first thing to do is accept that break is going to suck; the sooner you realize this the sooner you can prepare. You want to make as many plans with the friends you hate the least from home, like going shopping or going out to eat. Staying busy is a great was to distract you and make the time go by faster. If you have to work over break you are pretty much out of luck and nothing can save you. You just have to realize you are making money so try not to cry that often. Another good way to spend break is to take on a task. Try to craft something really cool or clean out your messy closet that you have been meaning to do since middle school. The best thing you can do is to hold on to the hope that you will eventually be back at WC and surrounded by all your friends. Until then try to mentally prepare yourself and do not dread it yet. We still have a few weeks left until break so make the most of it!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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