Campus Evacuation

At 9:30 this morning Washington College students were told that the remainder of classes have been canceled. Students were asked to go back to their dorms or houses and await further information. An hour later they were told to evacuate campus. Those who lived on campus were encouraged to go home or go home with friends. Off campus students were told to stay away from campus. Members of the Washington College community, including many professors, opened their homes to students who needed places to stay. Many off campus students left Chestertown as well, either to go home to stay with friends. A few of my friends and I left my off campus house to go to a near-by friends house for added peace of mind. We are currently cozied up in Gabby Leach’s ’18 living room eating pizza and watching movies, while keeping in touch with all of our other friends. Her parents have been very kind and hospitable to the 4 extra guests staying in their home. We all hope we can return to campus soon and resume our normal schedules. Everyone in the Washington College community has been working very hard to keep the students and staff safe. Classes for Wednesday, November 18 have been cancelled.


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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