Happy Advising Day!

20111103fall-scenes0059Advising day is, in my opinion, the best holiday of the semester. Today the freshmen class meets with their advisors to pick out classes for next semester. Registering for classes can be a very stressful situation if you have never done so before, so classes are canceled to give the freshmen some extra time to prepare. Even if you have already registered for classes advising day is still great. Many seniors use it as an extra day to work on their thesis. An entire day with no classes is perfect motivation to spend all day researching and writing. Juniors and sophomores also take this day to study. You can find the library full of busy students trying to get ahead or catch up on all the work they have. Breanna Caruso’18 and Gabby Leach’18 are in the library today getting ahead on a group project for environmental studies.

If you do not have any work to do or do not feel like doing any work there are other options for you to spend on your day off. Catch up on sleep and take a much-needed nap. You can finally clean your messy dorm room and wash those dishes that have been festering for a few weeks. Or wash all your dirty clothes that you have been putting off since you got back from fall break. Hit the gym for a good workout because you do not have to worry about missing classes.

No matter what you do for advising day make sure to take a break and take care of yourself. Do not over extend your abilities and have some “you” time. Make sure to enjoy this holiday because it is the best one of the year!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source: http://www.eku.edu/sites/www.eku.edu/files/20111103fall-scenes0059.jpg?1352382563

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