Tips For Fall Hair Dyeing

Fall-Hair-1It is finally Fall and with the change in season comes a change in style. The flip-flops have to be put away as the boots come out, bright colors are exchanged for neutrals, and hair color gets updated. College girls across the nation are probably facing very similar issues right now. They all want to change their look but do not want to break the bank. Changing your hair color can be especially hard in Chestertown with only a few salons that do not consider college budgets. So how do you freshen up your hair while being thrifty? Here are a few tips.

First, do your research. If you are going to opt for a box dye from the drugstore, know that no two brands are the same. Some may be better for different types of hair so do some online searching before you settle. Also be sure you know what color you are aiming for and what color you should really get. If you are going from very light to very dark, you may need a different color than what you think.

When it comes to purchasing box dye, cheapest may not always be the best route. Although you may want to stay thrifty, remember that you are saving a great deal of money already. Maybe fifteen dollars doesn’t sound so bad anymore compared to a cheap box of five-dollar dye.

After the purchase, it’s time to dye. Always have a friend help you. Never ever try to do it yourself. Be sure to read all the instructions first and try to keep your mess contained for easy cleanup.

Once your hair is refreshed for the fall, flaunt your new look and be happy that you were able to save a lot of money!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

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