Come Find Out if Greek Life is Right for You!

10372057_345807488933278_5821137346617692607_n-1Are you interested in joining Greek life? Do you want to be part of a great organization that empowers women and promotes leadership? Or are you just looking for a place where you belong with a great group of young women? Well even if you are not looking for any of these things there is no harm in trying out Greek life. Being part of a sorority or fraternity is a great way to be involved on campus. You can interact with men and women who share common goals and interests while being a part of something great. During the first few weeks of Spring semester sororities and fraternities will host Rush Week for anyone looking to be involved in Greek life. Now and until the end of this semester the three different sororities on campus will be holding events that will allow you to get to know them and allow them to can get to know you. From round robins to fun socials, you will get a chance to talk to the girls and see which sorority fits you best. Even if you are not sure about Greek life this is a great way to come and see what it is like for yourself. All three of the sororities here at WC are great and they are each very special in their own way. They are AOII, AXO, and ZTA. Each girl in each sorority has her reason for joining and has a lot to offer. So make sure to attend the events so you can learn what that is!

Tomorrow night the sisters’ of Alpha Omicron Pi (AOII) are hosting their fall Mocktails event. Come and enjoy some refreshments and food while you get to learn a little bit about the sorority and meet the girls. Ask questions, meet new people, and over all have a fun time. The event will take place at 7PM Thursday Night until 9PM at the Alumni House, which is located on the corner Washington Ave. and Campus Drive (across the street from Toll). Please wear semi-formal artier such as a nice dress and nice shoes. Bring your friends and get ready to have a fun time. There is no harm in coming out and even if you do not think sorority life is for you!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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