Easy to Make Halloween Costumes

keep-calm-halloween-is-coming-11Hallo-weekend is just a day away! Do you have your costumes ready? Well, if you do not and Halloween seemed to sneak up on you then do not worry. There are many last minute costume ideas that will keep you looking great. The last thing you want to do is go to a Halloween party not dressed up, you will receive a lot of ridicule from Halloween enthusiasts. Even the simplest of accessories can turn a common out fit into a great costume. So here are some of my favorite easy to do costumes.

  1. Risky Business – all you need is a large button down, some shades, and crew socks and you will fulfill the iconic Tom Cruse look.
  2. Deviled Egg – this is one of my favorites! Put on a white shirt and put a large yellow circle in the middle. Then add some devil horns and there you have it!
  3. Tourist – have a fanny pack? If so add it to any simple outfit and you are ready for Halloween.
  4. Regina George – Who doesn’t love the movie “Mean Girls.” Cut holes in a tank top and then you have you very own Regina George look.
  5. Greaser – Put on some jeans, a leather jacket, and some sunglasses. Slick your hair back to complete the look!
  6. Urban Cowboy – wear any normal outfit you have but add a “cowboy” like accessory, like a cowboy hat or carry around a fake horse.
  7. Jake from State Farm – Put on some khakis and a red shirt and that’s all you need for this hilarious costume. Add a nametag that says “Jake” if you dare.

Hopefully these ideas will help you out with all your last minute costume troubles. Remember that it does not matter what you dress up as for Halloween just as long as you like your costume and have fun!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source: http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-halloween-is-coming-11.png

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