Halloween is the Best Time for Candy!

halloween-candyWhen you think of Halloween many things come to mind. Costumes, pumpkins, spooky stuff, and of course candy! For those of you who experienced trick-or-treating as a child you most likely have fond memories of all the candy. Competing with your friends to have the largest supply of candy at the end of the night was always in good fun. And I’m sure you knew of prime houses that gave out the best candy. Then of course you got to go home and stuff your face until you parents had to take the candy away from you so wouldn’t eat it all in one sitting. Those were the days. Now that we are older we can no longer enjoy the festivities of trick-or-treating, well at least until we have children of our own. So instead we buy large bags of our favorite candy at the local Walgreens, which already has candy on sale, and stuff our faces as we please because no one can tell us otherwise. The most popular candies that many of us are indulging in are all made of chocolate. That’s no surprise considering how delicious chocolate is. According to USA Today, America’s favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s. Close behind are M&M’s which are an all time favorite, and were just recently knocked down to second place by Reese’s. Then we have Snickers candy bars followed by Hershey’s chocolate bars and finally Kit Kats! These most popular brands come as no surprise and certainly deserve the tittle of top five. Now when you buy candy for yourself this Halloween will these candies be included? Do you fit the norm of the top candy in America, or do you prefer something else? It doesn’t matter what candy you choose to eat, as just long as you are enjoying whichever kind you want!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source: http://1019thewave.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/halloween-candy.jpg

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