Hooray For Homecoming!

57015_homecoming_2015Get your dresses and suits ready because it’s time for homecoming! Homecoming is a super fun dance that the Student Events Board puts together in October every year. Even though we do not have a football team, we still like to support our teams and have a dance at the end of an exciting week of games.

Throughout homecoming week, there are several events. Several home games occur during the week so be sure to show your support. This year on Wednesday, there was a tailgate with free food and foam fingers in the parking lot of Gibson. Tomorrow night, there will be a bonfire in the pit by the quad. There will be s’mores, free t-shirts, and music. Then Saturday night is the dance on the Hodson Green from 9pm to 1am.

Homecoming is an opportunity to get dressed up and have fun with your friends, old and new. Tons of alumni like to come back and reminisce on their exciting college days. Brooke Sanchez ‘16 said, “Homecoming is always a fun time spent with your friends and alumni that come back. I always look forward to watching the sports games and going to the dance.”

If you’re a freshman or have never been to homecoming, there are a few things you should know. Guests are welcome to come; there is no charge for you or your guest. Attire is semi-formal dresses for girls while guys usually wear a shirt and tie. The dance is outer space themed this year, so you could find a way to include that in your outfit. There will also be a bar for students who are of age. Start looking through your closet for the perfect outfit because it’s going to be a great night!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

Photo Source: https://www.washcoll.edu/live/events/9819-homecoming-events-list

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