Meaghan and Kayla Have Very Different Fall Breaks!

Meaghan Menzel, copy editor and writer, enjoyed her fall break visiting her boyfriend. Here is what Meaghan has to say about her trip:

“On Friday, Oct. 17, my boyfriend got Lasik surgery. He can now see without his glasses or contacts (yay!). Unfortunately, I could not be there the day of the surgery (he took a Lyft Rideshare Service to and from the eye doctor’s office, so he wasn’t driving himself), but I drove to his place Saturday to take him to his post-op in DC.

After a successful visit, we went to Crepeaway for lunch and then walked around his old campus: George Washington University. There he showed me the mark he and some of his friends left on one of the walls: rolled up pieces of tape. He told me about how he and some friends used to do parkour at the campus. They decided to do wall runs and see how high each could place his or her piece of tape. (His was the second or third highest. I am standing directly underneath the tape for height reference… I am five feet and two inches tall.) Mind you, this was about four to five years ago and the tape is still there. It’s been yellowed with time, but it’s still holding strong and no one has bothered to take it down.”

Life Stye Editor, Kayla Kyle, spent her fall break a little differently!

“Ahh Fall Break. While everyone around me was planning to go home or go on exciting adventures, I knew I was going to be stuck at school alone. With an impending doom (also known as an approaching thesis deadline) looming over my head, I was determined, yet also bummed to work the entire Fall Break. I had already planned to work on my thesis as well as other homework from dawn till dusk and to have a completed annotated bibliography by the time Monday rolled around. However, as luck would have it, my thesis advisor decided to push back my deadline. Woohoo! Even though I was still stuck at school, I ended up actually having some time to relax, which was much needed after the hectic start to the semester. While I did still do some work, I was also able to watch movies, make some peanut butter balls for my suitemates, and sleep in (the sleep was the best part). Even though I thought my Fall Break was going to be a downer, it ended up being much more relaxing and rejuvenating. Am I ready to start back on Monday? Not really, but at least I’m well rested.”

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photos by Meaghan Menzel and Kayla Kyle

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