Favorite Fall Nail Polish Colors

FullSizeRenderOne of the best parts about fall is that you get to change your whole wardrobe. The changing weather means its time to put away shorts and tank tops and bring out your sweaters, pants, and boots. You also get to change your color schemes from bright summer colors to more muted and neutral colors, as we transition into the colder months. With a change in wardrobe color comes a change in nail polish color too! Nail polish is a good and simple way to tie your whole outfit together and make you look more put together. Painting your nails is simple enough to change for the weekend or a special outfit, but can also stick around for a while if you really like a certain color.

One of my favorite brands of nail polish is Essie. Most people really like this brand of polish because it does not chip easily and there are a wide variety of beautiful colors. However, a tiny bottle is usually around nine dollars. Luckily, our local Walgreens on Washington Avenue just reduced their Essie prices to $5.99. It’s like Christmas! Now we can buy all the nail polish colors we have always wanted and accessorize as many fall outfits as we want.

In honor of the newly reduced price of Essie, I picked some of my favorite fall nail polish colors. Power Clutch, a very dark gray, and Chinchilly, a lighter gray, can go with every outfit. If you want to brighten up your day, try With the Band, a pinkish-red, or Angora Cardi, a pretty violet color. Finally, in the spirit of Halloween, you can always go with Black Licorice. Have fun accessorizing and do not be afraid to try out some new colors this fall!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

Photo by Sierra Montuori

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