Favorite Fall Activities

fall-activitiesWant to get in the fall spirit? Here are some fun fall activities to do with friends and family while the fall weather lasts!

  • Pumpkin picking – Going to a pumpkin patch is the ultimate fall activity. Get some of your friends together, bring a camera, and find your perfect pumpkin. Then go home and work on your pumpkin carving skills.
  • Drinking apple cider – Apple cider is such a delicious drink for the season. You can make some for yourself at home or go enjoy a cup at your favorite coffee shop.
  • Corn mazes – If you are new to Maryland, corn mazes are a good way to experience what the state has to offer. They are also fun because they make you feel like you are exploring out in the wilderness with the safety of being in a populated area.
  • Haunted houses – Haunted houses really put you in the Halloween spirit. They are also a great bonding experience to share with all of your friends while you scream in fright.
  • Watching Halloween movies – What better way to celebrate October than by watching a Halloween movie every day! If you need some ideas, check out the list we posted earlier of 31 Halloween movies to watch.
  • Apple picking – Going to an apple orchard is a great cheesy fall date. After picking tons of fresh apples, take them home and make some delicious fall treats.
  • Jumping in piles of leaves – Jumping in leaves makes you feel like a kid again. There is no better feeling and it is a great way to inspire you to clean your yard at the same time. Fun is maximized when you get your dogs involved!
  • Hayrides – Hayrides are a time to get the family together and enjoy a nice fall activity. This time of year is great for sitting on some hay with a blanket covering you and your loved ones.

Enjoy your fall while it is still here! It will be winter before you know it so make the most of this great weather.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

Photo Source: http://i.coolsavings.com/v3/articles/fall-activities.jpg

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