A Night Full of Terror: SEB’s Field of Screams Bus Trip


Being away at school makes enjoying the fall a little bit difficult. At school there is less time to go do fun fall things and it is hard to find convenient places that have fun fall activities. Fortunately, for the students of Washington College, the Student Events Board takes very good care of us. This Friday, October 9th there will be bus trip to Field of Screams. For just $10 you will get a ride there and back plus a ticket! This is a great deal considering tickets normally cost about $25. Get together with your friends and make a night out of it! Make sure you are ready to be very scared because Field of Screams is one of America’s scariest haunted attractions. Field of scream has four main attractions that will keep its guest very frighten. There is a Den of Darkens, a Haunted Hayride, the Frightmare Asylum, and Nocturnal Wasteland. Are you brave enough to give these attractions a try? Well make sure you bring some friends with you just incase you cannot handle the fright! If you need a break from all the terror check the entertainment area. This has food, games, and bands to help lighten the mood and cater to those who do not enjoy that much scariness. This bus trip is a great way to enjoy fall and get the most out of the fun Halloween events. There is only a little bit of time left until these haunted attractions are over, so go while you still can. But be warned! Only go if you can handle a terrifying night full of the things that haunt your dreams!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source http://www.pscreenp.com/images/field_of_screams.JPG

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