A Day in the Life of an Admissions Ambassador

A group of Student Ambassadors wait outside to give prospective students a tour

Being a student ambassador is a great job that students can have on campus. Student ambassadors get to interact with prospective students and their parents on a daily basis. What is it like to be a student ambassador, you ask? Most would assume that they just give tours all day but there is much more to that.

A student ambassador’s job is to connect with prospective students. On a regular day, ambassadors will go to their shift in the Casey Academic Center and see what work there is to do. Students work closely with the admissions office to reach out to high schoolers across the country. Unless given a tour for their shift, ambassadors will go to a room and typically work on a mailing. Mailings consist of letters and information packets sent to students. You probably received a lot of these during your senior year of high school. There are usually hundreds or thousands of envelopes stuffed and mailed throughout the week.

There are some other things that student ambassadors do as well. During the semester, twice a week, they make phone calls to students across the country. These calls are made to add a personal touch in providing information to interested students. There are also several open houses during the year and ambassadors give large group tours all day. Sometimes, ambassadors will also accompany counselors on high school visits.

Representing Washington College is a lot of work but it is a really fun job. Student ambassadors get to show off the school they love every day and get the opportunity to tell other students why they would love it too.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

Photo Source:  https://www.washcoll.edu/live/image/gid/39/width/680/height/500/53506_admitted_students_day_81.jpg

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