keep-calm-and-ask-questions-93Sometimes WAC can seem very confusing. There is always a lot of stuff going on that many people do not know of or are puzzled about. Asking questions that seem obvious to others can be a very hard thing to do. Like all great professors say, “When you ask a question there are several other classmates who have the same question.” There are always a lot of questions, for freshmen and upper classmen alike. To help everyone out here are some frequently asked questions.

Is May Day Real?

It is very real, so get ready.

When is Homecoming and what do I wear?

It is October 24th and girls usually wear short formal dresses and guys usually wear dress pants, dress shirt, and a tie or bow tie.

Can I still drop or add classes?


Do people dress up for Halloween?

You’re darn right they do! Costumes all weekend!

When does Winter Break start?

December 19th, but you can leave when you are done your final exams which are from December 14th-18th

What is Birthday Ball?

The coolest birthday party ever! Celebrate George Washington’s birthday with a dance in the JFC, which will be   decorated with an awesome theme.

How much money do I get for printing and does it normally run out?

Each student gets $25 worth of printing for each semester and it normally does not run out.

How many dinning dollars do I have?

It depends on your meal plan but the lowest amount is $75, which you can reload online.

Do dinning dollars roll over?

No! If you do not use them by the end of the semester they disappear forever!

If you have any other questions that you would like answered leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source: http://bmkbucket.objects.cdn.dream.io/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/keep-calm-and-ask-questions-93.png

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