It is Almost Time for Fall Family Weekend!

55354_fall_family_weekend_final Yesterday was the first day of fall, and it came just in time for Fall Family Weekend! Now that the freshmen class has gotten a chance to settle in and everyone else is back in the swing of things, it is a perfect time to show your family members your home away from home. You can give them tours around campus, from your favorite study spot to your cozy dorm room, because family members love to see why you enjoy school so much. Introduce your new friends, talk to your professors, and have a great time with them on campus. Then head down to the waterfront for the Chestertown Riverfest for fun activities your whole family can enjoy. The Riverfest starts at noon and lasts all day until 8PM and is located in Wilmer Park.

One of the best things about Fall Family Weekend, or anytime family comes to visit, is that they will take you our to lunch! You can finally get a break from the dining hall and a free meal. Some family favorite restaurants are located all throughout town so there is always a place to go. The Fish Whistle has great food at a great price and you can sit on the deck overlooking the water. Grab your parents and go to the Lemon Leaf and do not miss out on their cream of crab soup. Café Sado is a fun experience for the whole family and their “buy one get one” sushi rolls are a great deal. Want something a little different? Well then go to Plaza Tapatia for some great Mexican Food and their infamous chips and white sauce appetizer. You can even check out O’Connor’s Pub for a great meal accompanied by delicious french-fries.

No matter what you do this weekend, and if your family comes or not, make sure to check out these awesome events that Chestertown and WAC are putting on!

Want more information about Fall Family Weekend? Check out the Fall Family Weekend Schedule!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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