Get Ready for Relay for Life

cv_46_4812144433185674489The Relay for Life 2016 Kick off was hosted tonight in the Goose Nest. The Relay for Life committee set up food, cake, had a guest speaker, and announced the date for the 2016 event. Relay for Life is one of Washington College’s biggest events of the school year. The team starts fundraising early in the semester and works all year to make it a great event.

If you are unfamiliar with Relay, get excited. It is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that brings together survivors, family members, friends, and the Washington College community. In 2014, our school was in the top five per capita in the nation for fundraising. Relay is an overnight event held in the JFC field house. All throughout the night, there are different things offered to help keep everyone motivated. These include a performance by Sho’Troupe, a Zumba class, pizza, a rave party, team games, and tons of other fun things.

At tonight’s kickoff, a special announcement was made. Instead of the typical 12-hour event, Relay will only be 6 hours this year. The event will take place on April 8th from 7PM to 1AM. Guest speaker, Erin Anderson, also spoke at the kickoff about how she is looking forward to this year’s relay. Brooke Burghardt, chair of Relay for Life said, “The committee is really looking for a successful Relay year. We have a lot of fun, exciting, and new events to come!” Relay for Life will be here before you know it so get ready for some fun and get excited about supporting an important cause!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

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