Roller Coasters and Chocolate!

hersheypark_kiss_color_2008-1024x332If you’re still looking for something fun to do this weekend, I have just the thing for you. The Student Events Board is having its first sponsored bus trip this weekend. This Saturday for only $20, you can take a trip to Hershey Park! This cost includes transportation and park admission. You’ll never find a better deal than that.

Hershey Park is a theme park about two and a half hours away from campus. If you enjoy roller coasters, this is a great little getaway for a day. The park has thirteen roller coasters. Some crowd favorites are Skyrush, Great Bear, Sidewinder, and Laff Trakk. Skyrush is a new ride at the park and is the tallest and fastest. It goes nearly straight downhill at 75 mph. Great Bear is awesome because the track is above you so your feet hang over the park. Sidewinder works like a boomerang, taking you through the coaster forward then hitting the end and doing the whole again thing backward. The Laff Trakk is another new ride at the park. It is the only indoor roller coaster in the United States. This ride is basically like a giant fun house.

What’s great about Hershey Park is all the chocolate! You can take a tour through the chocolate factory to see how candy is made. There are also opportunities to make your own candy bar or taste different types of chocolate.

So if you’re craving adventure or just chocolate, this weekend is the perfect chance to satisfy those cravings. There are still seats available! Sign up for the bus is in the SEB office in Hodson.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

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