What Are You Looking Forward to This Semester?

Families enjoy crabs at Phi Delta Theta's Crab Feast during Fall Family Weekend
Families enjoy crabs at Phi Delta Theta’s Crab Feast during Fall Family Weekend

As we enter the 3rd week of classes many students are getting into their own routine. Even if you are beginning to feel board and tired of the same thing everyday there is always something to look forward to. Here at Washington College there seems to be a surprise around every corner when it comes to the amount of different events. The Fall Semester is jam-packed with events, dances, and activities that are more than likely to keep you entertained. Make sure to check your emails and posters around campus so you do not miss any thing big. For the time being I have asked some of your fellow classmates what events on or off campus they are looking forward to most.

Sophomore, Gabby Leach said, “I’m looking forward to homecoming because all the alumni come back and I get see all my older friends while meeting new influential people who also went to WAC.” Brooke Sanchez’16, a Psychology major said, “My favorite fall WAC traditions are Fall Family Weekend and Thanksgiving dinner in the dining hall.” Finally, Grace Kim’18, member of the women’s crew team said, “I’m looking forward to fall crew races and getting to know the new freshmen on the team!”

Some other upcoming events that have a big influence here on campus are Down Rigging Weekend, which will includes many activities in town that students can enjoy. Also Halloween is full of fun and surprises like the famous haunted house hosted by the residents of Middle Dorm. With all of these fun and exciting things coming up, this fall semester is sure to be a blast!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source http://www.washcoll.edu/live/galleries/2633-fall-family-weekend

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