Dorm Decor

Unknown-1Welcome back to campus! Hopefully everyone had a great first week of classes and everything was smooth sailing. The first week is a fairly laid back time to reconnect with friends, hang out, and settle in to your dorm. In order to settle in, you must unpack; which may be a daunting task at the start of the semester. For some, it may take a few weeks to do so! However, once you finally unzip that last suitcase you will start to feel more at home in your little dorm room.

Everyone has their own style of decor but a few things can really help to spruce up a room. Hanging a tapestry over your bed is a great way to hide that boring white cinderblock wall. Tapestries have become very popular and come in almost any style. You could purchase one, but why not make one yourself! Another simple way to decorate is to bring the outdoors in. Head down to the farmer’s market and pick up some flowers or succulents for your desk. Finally, instead of simply taping pictures from home to your walls, hang them on a string with some cute clothespins. You could also organize them into a cool shape on your wall.

There are a few other tools you can use make your dorm complete. Command hooks are great because they are sturdy and won’t peel the paint off of walls. Use them inside your closet to hold accessories or your backpack. You can also hang one next to your door so you never forget your keys. Over-the-door hooks are another great way to hang things such as towels, jackets, or your favorite bathrobe.

Decorating your dorm exactly how you want can really make it feel like a home away from home. Take some time to make it a space where you will be happy!

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

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