Your Solution To Pet-Withdraw

UnknownGoing away to college for the first time, or returning to school from a long summer vacation can be a very difficult transition for many of us. Some students adjust well right away, but a lot of us miss things from home a lot, especially for the first semester. Some of us miss our parents, or our friends from home, but one thing that everyone who has a pet at home can agree on is that we miss our pets. A lot. Maybe even more than our parents.

As all pet-lovers know, there is nothing better than coming home from a long day and spending time with your pets, whether it is a dog or cat, fish or hamster, or even a pig! However, being away at school and living in a dorm, many of us are not able to bring our pets along with us. This can be really difficult to deal with, especially when school is stressful or you have a bad day.

Luckily for those of us who are pet-loving students, there is one pet that is permitted on campus: fish! Fish are the perfect pet for college students. They are low-maintenance and very inexpensive, but most importantly they don’t make a mess or smell bad, which is key for living in tight-quarters with another person or even multiple roommates. A fish owner can also have a blast decorating the fish tank or bowl any way that they choose! Your fish bowl can be a reflection of your own personal style!

In addition to fish as campus pets, students who qualify may be approved for therapy pets which include cats, that can be beneficial to helping students adjust to campus life giving specific circumstances.

Hailey Craig

Photo Editor

Photo Source

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