Freshmen Faux Pas

UnknownThe first day of freshman year can always be over whelming, from not knowing where your classes are to not knowing where to sit. It takes a while to get into the swing of things and to fully understand how your fellow classmates function. Learning the social norms of campus can be a great help in making your first semester of freshman year go by smoothly. Upperclassmen can be uncaring when it comes to common freshmen slipups because these upperclassmen have made the same errors. Some common freshman faux pas that some people are guilty of can be fixed quite easily. The most common and most noticeable faux pas would be wearing lanyards around the neck. This is an understandable practice because of the convenience of your student ID and your room key being just around your neck. Instead try a nice wallet with a strap to carry to and from classes, put your room key on a hair tie and wear around the wrist, or just put your things in your pockets. Another common slipup is learning the “ins and outs” of the dining hall. This, of course, is just because freshmen have not been at WAC as long. So make sure to be mindful and respectful of others in the dining hall and everyone will eventually get into the same rhythm. Also, is important to be respectful of your professors and other classmates. Most professors will hold you to a higher standard then most high school teachers, so try no to purposefully disturb the class. Finally, a slipup that could potentially get you into some type of trouble is trying to find and attend parties. Just because there is loud music playing and lots of people does not make it an open event. Walking into and unknown house or dorm is not very safe and could turn out badly. It is only the first day of classes so don’t worry about not having a close group of friends. There is plenty of time to find your place here at WAC and when you do you can walk into dorms knowing most everyone. If you take a mental note of the few faux pas mentioned, then hopefully your freshman year will be the best it can be.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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